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    Papyrus fragment of an agreement connected with tithe or pactum collection: on one side, parts of 20 lines written against the fibres and upper margin are preserved. On the other side are 2 faint lines of Coptic and Greek text written along the fibres: the surface of the papyrus is partially obscured by a mud-like substance on this side. Mounted with EA 75314, 75314, 75313, 75312, 75311, 75309.


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    • 8thC
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    • Height: 20.6 centimetres
    • Width: 8.2 centimetres
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        (1) +
        (2) I, brother ('pason') Hatre the mon[k ... of Apa Apo-]
        (3) llo, am writing to my brother the scribe Geor[ge ...]
        (4) Whereas I asked yo[u and you gave me (?) ...]
        (5) ... and the places which belong to [...]
        (6) Apa Apollo [...]
        (7) ...-th indiction-year and I give you for [...]
        (8) ... of wheat (?) [...]
        (9) (Greek:) Total 10 1/2 gold solidi and 2 artabas of wheat and 2 artabas of barley and [...
        (11) of this same ye[ar ... ex-]
        (12) penses of the men of [...]
        (13) ... dwelling-place [...]
        (14) disturb you for [...]
        (15) be invalid. I will not be able to t[ransgress ?... this ?]
        (16) document as it is written [...]
        (17) he who wrote above [...]
        (18) the one belonging to Pmansholk/the place of weaving [...]
        (19)... we bear witness [...]
        (20) I Mena w[rote ...
      • Inscription Comment

        Translated by Clackson (2000)
      • Inscription Type

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        (1) ...] Hatre for the neighbourhood
      • Inscription Comment

        Translated by Clackson (2000)
      • Inscription Type

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        (2) ...]... (Greek :) 2 artabas of wheat and 2 artabas of barley +
      • Inscription Comment

        Translated by Clackson (2000)
  • Curator's comments

    Provenance: the introductory epistolary formula 'anok pason NN eishai', ('I, your brother NN, am writing') supported by acquisition details, suggests that this text was issued by a monk of the Hermopolite monastery of Apa Apollo; this hypothesis is reinforced by the fact that Apa Apollo is named as a beneficiary in l. 6. Pmansholk (l. 18) is otherwise attested only in a papyrus from Bawit.

    This document is structured like a loan agreement. It seems likely, however, that it was connected with tithe or 'pactum' collection because it mentions the phrase 'the places which belong to', the word 'neighbourhood', and begins with 'anok pason NN eishai', all features of tithe collection documents.


  • Bibliography

    • Trismegistos 86578 ( bibliographic details
    • Clackson 2000 p.12, 72-4, pl.11 bibliographic details
  • Location

    Not on display

  • Condition

    fair (incomplete)

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    Ancient Egypt & Sudan

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    • P.Mon.Apollo 20
Papyrus; 5 lines of Coptic text on front.


Papyrus; 5 lines of Coptic text on front.

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