Members' appeal 2015

Thomas (?) Stoney, The Village of Waterloo (detail). Watercolour over graphite, 20 June 1815.

The British Museum Friends are delighted to announce that our target for the Members’ Appeal 2015 has now been reached and the Stoney Waterloo Album will be joining the permanent collection. Any further donations are welcome and will be used to support other significant acquisitions for the Museum’s collection.

The watercolours depict the landscape and aftermath of the Battle of Waterloo, showing many of the most famous sites. The views include three long panoramas of the battlefields of Waterloo and of Quatre Bras, ten miles to the south where bitter fighting took place two days before the climactic battle on 18 June. Smaller watercolours focus on the village of Waterloo and famous sites of the battle. We are asking our Members to make a contribution to help us acquire them.

Members have shown their generosity in the past in responding to our calls for urgent support and, with your help, we hope to make these drawings part of the permanent collection. You can donate online now, or if you prefer, you can donate over the phone by calling the Membership team on +44 (0)20 7323 8195.