Members' appeal 2016

Help us unlock the collection's secrets

The Mold Gold Cape; cape; Early Bronze Age; 1900BC-1600BC; Mold.

Support the purchase of a digital microscope that will transform the Museum’s capacity for scientific investigation.

The 8 million objects in the British Museum’s collection contain the stories of cultures that came before us. The key to unlocking these secrets – scientific analysis – can be hindered by technological and practical limitations. Objects that are too large or fragile to be investigated are left with their mysteries intact. The Department of Scientific Research has recently identified a portable, digital microscope that can overcome existing limitations to tell us more about these objects.

Scan objects in situ from every part of the collection

The digital microscope that we wish to purchase can capture high-quality images of objects in situ using a selection of lenses. This will help us learn more about previously un-scannable large or delicate objects. It can be used on materials of all kinds, and used in conjunction with existing specialist microscopes, it will super-charge the Scientific Research Department’s analytical capability.

You can donate online now, or if you prefer, you can donate over the phone by calling the Membership team on +44 (0)20 7323 8195.