School gallery session
Measuring the Museum

Self-led gallery visit:
suggested time 45 mins
available every day

Free, booking required

Phone +44 (0)20 7323 8181 or

citi bank

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For Year 5 and 6

Students rotate through six self-led activities in two different galleries, including the Citi Money Gallery (Room 68). The activities are designed to focus on developing students’ mathematical thinking by using key processes and applying a variety of mathematical concepts to unfamiliar scenarios.

This is a teacher-led session in which students use packs of materials supplied by the Museum.

Suggested timing: 45 mins in each gallery.
Maximum group size: 64

Available every day; a minimum of 6 weeks' notice is essential when booking.

Curriculum links: Mathematics and cross-curricular

Cancellation and no-show charges apply.
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Measuring the Museum

Students in the Enlightenment Gallery.
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