Ages 7–11 (Key Stage 2)


Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

The British Museum's collection spans over two million years of human history and culture, all under one roof. Students can engage and experience the unique collection through resources, sessions and gallery visits.

History of money

Money week

A walk around Bloomsbury with Sir Hans Sloane

Anglo-Saxons: Sutton Hoo

Art guide: celebration

Art guide: containers

Art guide: death and the afterlife

Art guide: gods and spirits

Art guide: identity

Art guide: objects in motion

Art guide: sculpture

Art guide: symbols

Art guide: textiles

Art guide: the natural world

The Aztec World

Moctezuma: Aztec Ruler

Beyond El Dorado: exhibition teacher guide

Beyond El Dorado: image bank

The art of Benin

Benin visit resource

The culture of HIV and AIDS

The Wealth of Africa

China: Journey to the East

Chinese art

China loan boxes

Egypt: early Egypt

Egypt: life in ancient Egypt

General guide to the Egyptian galleries

Ice Age art: exhibition teacher guide

Ice Age art: school imagebank

Mummies: how were mummies made?

Mummies: Egyptian mummies

Mummies: the development of mummification

Nebamun: what can you learn from an Egyptian tomb?

Nebamun: literacy activities

Nebamun: ancient Egyptian tomb paintings

Ancient Nubia

Painting an Egyptian tomb

Egypt: reading a papyrus

Egypt: symbols of the pharaoh

Greece: competition

Greece: everyday life

Greece: explore an Athenian picture

Greece: gods and godesses

Greece: hoplites

Greece: myths and legends

Greece: the Nereid monument

Greece: the Parthenon

Greek pots

Greek Women

Greece: Olympic games

Local history: the British Museum in 18th century

Local history: the British Museum in 19th century

Local history: the British Museum in 20th century




Babylon: Myth and reality


Neolithic Britain

Bronze Age Britain

People of Iron Age Britain

Celtic Design

Roman Britain

Rome: Emperors of Imperial Rome

Rome: Imperial Rome

Life in Roman Britain

Roman Music

The Tudors

Viking craftwork


Diversity of world cultures


Ancient Egypt

Ancient Greece



The Islamic world

The Americas


Art and Design


English and Literacy




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