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Since 2009, the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre and its programmes have been the subject of academic research into the benefits of digital learning in museums.

Student research


Classroom CSI: Developing a video-conferencing model for investigating British Archaeology in schools

Elizabeth Warry, UCL Archaeology

This dissertation sets out to demonstrate that archaeology and video-conferencing technology, can address a need for schools to be able to access a museum’s expertise and collections without having to physically travel to it.

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Developing a new mobile workshop for the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre

Alessandra von Aesch, University of Lugano, Switzerland

This dissertation provides an evaluation about the achievement of the intended learning objectives of the SDDC Hajj mobile workshop.

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Digital technologies and visiting school groups: A case study at the British Museum

Susanna Doll, University of Lugano, Switzerland

This study explores the potential of integrating digital technologies in educational activities for visiting school groups in collection-­‐based museums, analysing the case of Multimedia Magic at the British Museum as an example.

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To what extent can inquiry-based education in museums help children learn about national identities?

Katherine Biggs, UCL Archaeology

This study provides a case for inquiry-based learning to be used more widely in the teaching of arts-based subjects.

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Staff publications


Beyond Cool: Making Mobile Augmented Reality Work for Museum Education

Shelley Mannion

This paper discusses the challenges of implementing AR to deliver learning programs at The British Museum.

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New Models for Mobile Learning in Museums

Shelley Mannion

Slideshow presentation of the findings around the Hajj Mobile application launched in early 2012 as part of the schools offer for the Hajj: Journey to the Heart of Islam exhibition at the British Museum.

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Athens Augmented: Design and evaluation of mobile learning activities for the Parthenon sculptures

Shelley Mannion

Slideshow presentation for the Engagement in the Galleries session at Museums and the Web 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.

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