Commission photography

New photography

If you don’t see an image that you want on the British Museum website you can order new photography from us.

Photographs are delivered as colour Jpeg images, with a longest edge of 300mm, at 300 dpi. For most photographs this is adequate for reproduction to A4.

Commercial photographs are available in larger file sizes. Contact the BM Images picture library for details


  • £60 for two-dimensional objects
  • £50 for cuneiform tablets, coins or medals
  • £60 for both sides of a cuneiform tablet, coin or medal
  • £85 for three-dimensional objects and groups of coins or medals
  • £120 for both sides of a group of coins or medals (two separate images)
  • £25 for delivery on CD (up to 10 images per CD). Images can be sent via a secure web link for no delivery charge on payment of licence fee.

For non-commercial publications with a print-run of over 4,000, or for a commercial publication, website, TV programme, DVD or other digital media or promotional product, the Museum will charge for reproduction rights dependent on exact details of use.


Photographs will not be supplied if:

  • the object in question is unavailable because it is on loan to another institution, or if it is being conserved (in which case we might not be able to access it).
  • the Museum does not hold the copyright of the object (for example, works by a living artist).

How to commission new photography

To request an image, please contact the BM Images picture library by email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Email address
  • Daytime telephone number
  • Details of the object you wish to be photographed (if this is a British Museum object, include the object name and number)
  • View (front, back, element of interest)
  • Other specialist requirements/notes
  • Use (please describe briefly what the photograph is to be used for. If this is a publication, enter the expected print run and the publication date).

For both commercial and non-commercial use, email: