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Warfare in
Roman Britain

Military diploma

Length: 15.600 cm

P&EE 1813.12-11.1-2

Military diploma

From: Malpas, Cheshire
Date: AD 103

These bronze plates, engraved in Latin, are a kind of certificate (diploma) from the Roman emperor Trajan. The diploma was given to a Spanish soldier called Reburrus, who was part of a horseback regiment based in Cheshire. It gives Reburrus the right to become a Roman citizen and to get married. The Roman army in Britain was made up of soldiers like Reburrus who came from all over the Empire.

Privileges like these were given to auxiliary soldiers at the end of twenty-five years of military service, or earlier if the soldier had done something particularly brave. This document contains a lot of information about how the Roman army was organized and is very useful to military historians today.