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Leaders and rulers in Roman Britain

Statuette of Nero

Height: 56.000 cm

P&EE 1813.2-13.1

Statuette of the Emperor Nero

From: Suffolk
Date: 1st century AD

The emperor Claudius was succeeded by his 16 year-old stepson Nero. Nero loved performing - he made the judges award him first prize in the singing contest at the Olympic Games.

During his reign Nero preferred to stay in Rome and never visited Britain. This was unwise, as 17 years after Rome captured Britain there was a rebellion. Queen Boudica, the widow of a British king, protested about the bad treatment of her people. Her army sacked Colchester, London and St Albans. But eventually the Romans won control over the Britons and Boudica either killed herself or died of an illness.

Nero’s rule eventually fell apart and, having lost the support of the senate and the army, Nero committed suicide.