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Leaders and rulers in Roman Britain

Gold medallion of Constantius

Weight: 26.790 g
Diameter: 34.000 mm

CM 1928-2-8-1-2

Gold medallion of Constantius

From: minted at Trier, Germany
Date: AD 296

Today we know what our royal family look like and what they do through newspapers, magazines, television and the internet. Of course these were not available to the Roman Empire, so instead coins and medals were used.

This gold disc was a presentation medal, like a coin but bigger and more valuable. It has the deputy emperor Constantius Chlorus' head on one side. Instead of crowns, emperors wore laurel wreaths to show they were successful in a battle.

For 10 years Britain had been ruled by the rebel emperor Allectus. Constantius was successful in killing Allectus and regaining control of Britain. The other side of the coin shows Constantius raising a woman from her knees. The woman is mean to stand for London.