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Gods and spirits in Roman Britain

The Felmingham Hall hoard

Height: 15.500 cm (head of Jupiter)
Diameter: 6.000 cm (wheel)

P&EE 1925 6-10 1, 3-4, 7-9, 11-13, 16, 32

The Felmingham Hall hoard

Found at: Felmingham Hall, Norfolk (in 1844)
Date: 2nd-3rd century AD

These bronze objects were found in the large pottery jar. They are likely to have been buried in a temple, and they show how Roman beliefs combined with local British religions.

See if you can find these Roman objects: a little figure of a lar, a domestic spirit who protected the family and home; the goddess Minerva wearing her helmet; and the bearded head of the King of the gods Jupiter.

See if you can find these British objects: a rattle used when foretelling the future; the wheel of the Celtic god of change Taranis; two birds holding round objects in their beaks.