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Gods and spirits in Roman Britain

Lindow Man

Iron Age
Found in Lindow Moss, Cheshire

Height: 1.690 m (when he was alive)


P&EE 1984 10-2 1

Lindow Man

From: Lindow Moss, Cheshire (found in 1985)
Date: mid-1st century AD

This young man from the north of Britain met a horrific death. Archaeologists think that he was probably a human sacrifice .

Before he was killed, it is thought that he was given some special bread and a drink containing mistletoe. He was then taken to the marsh. First a couple of blows from something heavy smashed his skull, then he was strangled with a thin length of cord. By now he was probably dead, but even so his throat was cut, then finally he was placed face down in the bog.