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Dress and ornament
in Roman Britain

The Juliana bracelet

Diameter: 6.500 cm (internal)

P&EE 1994 4-8 29

The Juliana Bracelet

From: the Hoxne Hoard, Suffolk (1992)
Date: buried in the 5th century AD

This pretty gold bracelet is part of the Hoxne Hoard, the richest find ever from Roman Britain.

We can tell that it was once owned by someone called Juliana. The Latin words UTERE FELIX DOMINA IULIANE, which mean 'good fortune to Lady Juliana' are part of the pierced pattern on the bracelet. In Latin, the letter J was written with an I. Can you see the word IULIANE in the picture?

In the Roman world, valuable objects like jewellery were often decorated with good luck wishes.