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Death in Roman Britain


Height: 0.218 m
Width: 0.230 m

P&EE 1852.8-6.2;P&EE 1935.7-12.1


From: Trinity Square, London
Date: Roman Britain, 1st century AD

This massive monument is the tomb of Gaius Julius Alpinus Classicianus, who was the procurator (finance minister) of Britain in early Roman British times.

300 years after Classicianus died, the Romans broke the tombstone up and reused it as part of London's city wall. Some of the tombstone was discovered in 1852, then, nearly a hundred years later, other pieces were also found. Can you tell how it was put back togther by looking at the picture?

Look for the words DIS MANIBUS, which mean 'To the spirits of the departed'. These words are often used on Roman tombstones.