Help using the Museum explorer


Museum Explorer lets you search through the collection of the British Museum from the comfort of your chair. There are over 500 amazing objects to be browsed from eight world cultures.

Getting started

To get started select either a culture on the map or a topic from the pictures around the map.

Or choose one of each – for example ‘Africa – Birds and beasts’ or ‘Ancient Egypt – Death’.

Then press ‘Go’.

What if I make a mistake?

If you change your mind, the ‘reset’ button (bottom right) clears your choice and lets you start again.

What happens when I click go?

You will be taken to a page which gives a short introduction to your search and shows you a selection of objects or areas to look at in more detail (one object from these is highlighted on the right – clicking on this takes you straight through to find out more about it).

When you are looking at an object, the other objects from that search are shown on the right so it is easy to browse through them.

If you want to return to the map, click on Museum explorer at the top left of each page.

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