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The Royal Gold Cup

Height: 23.6 cm (with cover)
Diameter: 17.8 cm


M&ME 1892,0501.1

The Royal Gold Cup

From: Paris, France
Date: about AD 1370-80

This cup is made of solid gold and decorated with beautiful enamel pictures from the life of St Agnes. She was a Christian saint who was ordered to be burnt at the stake, but the flames refused to harm her. You can see this happening on the lid.

The cup has been changed over the years. It was probably first given as a present in 1391 to the French king, Charles VI, by a rich French nobleman called Jean Duc de Berry. It came to England in the 15th century, when a gold band of Tudor roses was attached to its stem. In 1604 another band with writing celebrating peace between England and Spain was attached above the roses.