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The Pegasus Vase

Height: 46.400 cm

M&ME Pottery Catalogue I 712

The Pegasus Vase

From: Staffordshire, England
Date: AD 1786

Josiah Wedgwood developed a new type of pottery called jasperware. Jasper is a kind of earthenware that can be stained with colour before firing (putting in the hot kiln). Firing makes the pottery strong and fixes the colour onto it. The most popular colour for jasperware is blue and white.

This famous vase is called the Pegasus Vase because it has Pegasus on the top, the winged horse from Greek legend. The designs are by an artist called John Flaxman Junior, who has copied the picture on the side from an ancient Greek vase. It shows the winner in a music contest, holding his lyre while he steps up onto the victor’s podium.