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Tiles from the Alhambra Palace

Width: 16.000 cm (large tiles)
Height: 15.500 cm

M&ME 1802,5-8.1-3

Tiles from the Alhambra palace

From: Grenada, Spain
Date: mid-14th century AD

In 711 an army sent by the Great Umayyad Caliph landed in southern Spain and took control over most of Spain and Portugal. Muslim rulers dominated the area for over 700 years.

In the mid 14th century, the last Muslim rulers in Spain built the beautiful Alhambra palace in the city of Grenada. It was used as a refuge from the fighting by Muslim leaders and artists. It included six small palaces, two towers, several bathhouses and many beautiful gardens kept green and lush with a special irrigation system. Breathtaking Arabic decoration based on patterns, shapes and holy writing covered the whole palace. These two floor tiles say in Arabic ‘There is no victor except God’.