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Dress and ornament
in Europe

Two men on a seat

Height: 225.000 mm
Width: 303.000 mm

PD 1972-U-522

Two Men on a Seat, by David Allan

From: Scotland
Date: about AD 1780-96

Before cameras were invented we have to look at drawings to see the types of clothes that people wore. This picture was drawn in Scotland over 200 years ago.

The man on the left is wearing clothes that many people wore at that time – breeches that tie below the knee, a waistcoat with a jacket over the top, and a cravat tied at his neck. The man reading the newspaper is wearing a long plaid. A plaid is like a blanket that a person would wrap around their body to keep warm. It would be held in place with large brooches or pins.

Long plaids were worn in Scotland but went out of fashion in the 19th century and were replaced by a short plaid around the shoulders, and a separate kilt.