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in Europe

The Branko belt

Length: 195.000 cm
Width: 7.500 cm

M&ME 1990,12-1,1

The Branko belt

Probably from: Constantinople or Thessaloniki
Date: mid-14th century AD

This is part of a belt that is nearly two metres long. It was owned by Branco Mladenovic, an important Serbian nobleman in the 14th century.

The belt is made from silk and has the same design repeated six times along it. The design has been made by weaving coloured silk thread and silver metal thread into the silk.

Have a look at the larger image for a wyvern, which is a two-footed dragon, a falcon, a bird often used in hunting, and a helm. A helm is the helmet of a suit of armour. This helm has a bear on the top, and around the helm is the name of the owner of the belt, Branco.