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Death in Europe

Death of a wombat

Height: 179.000 mm
Width: 113.000 mm

PD 1939-5-13-6

'Rossetti lamenting the death of his wombat'

From: England
Date: AD 1869

Rossetti was a famous artist and poet who made serious pictures. But he could also poke fun at himself, and drew many cartoons showing himself in ridiculous situations.

His favourite pet was a wombat from Australia, and he was very upset when it died, as people always are at the death of a pet. So he drew a cartoon of himself and wrote a poem underneath.

Instead of putting the dead animal into the tomb shown in the drawing, Rossetti actually had the animal stuffed and put in his hall. By treating an animal in this way, Rossetti was probably making also making fun of some people who he thought made too much fuss about their pets.