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The Tring Tiles

Length: 32.500 cm
Width: 16.200 cm
Thickness: 3.500 cm

M&ME 1922,4-12,1-8

The Tring Tiles

Place: England
Date: about 1320-1330 AD

The Tring tiles tell stories about Jesus as a child. Each tile is painted with two scenes, a bit like a comic strip. Jesus behaves like an ordinary child, playing games and sometimes being naughty.

When a bigger boy destroys pools that Jesus has made, Jesus strikes him dead. This boy is pictured upside-down to show he his dead. In the next picture, the Virgin Mary makes Jesus bring the boy back to life, which he does by kicking him!

In other scenes, teachers are jealous of Jesus's cleverness and parents try to stop their children playing with him - but Jesus's miraculous powers make everything right.