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Warfare in Asia

Ring and sword of Tipu Sultan

Diameter: 3.240 cm (ring)
Length: 97.500 cm (sword)

Asia OA 1997,5-2.1;Asia OA 1878,11-1.450

Ring and sword of Tipu Sultan

From: India
Date: AD 1790s

Tipu Sultan was the Muslim ruler of the Indian state of Mysore. At the end of the eighteenth century he was threatened from many sides – by the French, the Hindu Marathas, and the British forces of the East India Company.

Tipu Sultan spent many years cleverly playing these off against each other, but finally in 1799 the East India Company stormed his capital Seringapatam. In the battle Tipu Sultan was killed and this ring was removed from his finger as a trophy. The sword was taken from his armoury.