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Daily life in Asia

Scenes from daily life

Height: 310.000 mm
Width: 260.000 mm

Asia OA 1961.5-13.04

Album of scenes from daily life

From: Korea
Date: 19th century AD (copy of original from late 18th century AD)

Kim Hong-do was a famous painter who was one of the first artists to paint the people around him at work and play. His pictures are very useful to us now as a record of Korean daily life in the late 18th century.

The main picture shows some boys at school. One of them has been told off by the teacher and his classmates are laughing at him. The teacher sits at the front behind a desk and the boy in trouble is in front of him crying. On the left you can see a quill feather which another boy has been using to write with.

The other scenes at the bottom show fishermen, men riding horses, and workmen at a forge.