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Daily life in Asia

Model house complex

Height: 42.800 cm (main hall)
Length: 36.900 cm (main hall)

Asia OA 1937.7-16.6-12

Model house complex

From: China
Date: 14th-15th century AD (Ming dynasty)

During the Han and Ming dynasties, it was believed that you could take things with you to the afterlife if models of them were buried in your tomb. This large clay tomb model shows what houses were like for some people at that time.

On the right is the entrance gateway. There is a screen straight in front of it to stop evil spirits from getting in - these could only travel in a straight line so could not get around it. The two buildings facing sideways contain the kitchen and bedrooms. The biggest building with pillars is the main hall - it has a chest and chair inside. The last building on the left is a storeroom.