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Tools & technology in Anglo-Saxon England

Silver pennies

Diameter: 12.000 mm (typical)
Weight: 1.300 g (typical)

CM 1994-4-24-5, 39, 50, 63, 80, 98

Silver pennies

From: Woodham Walter, Essex, England
Date: around AD 700

This hoard contains a mixture of coins from England, Denmark and Frisia (modern Belgium and the Netherlands). The Anglo-Saxons didn't use money to begin with. By the time this hoard was buried, they had been using coins for around 100 years. The hoard shows that the same money was probably used in all these countries, rather like the Euro today.

Can you see the coin with the 'porcupine' pattern? This started off as the head of a Roman ruler, but was copied so much it came to look like a spiky animal. How many other designs can you spot?