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Tools & technology in Anglo-Saxon England

Farming tools

Length: 41.000 cm (scythe (max.))

M&ME 1912,7-23,3-5; 7-15

Tools from the Hurbuck hoard

From: Hurbuck, County Durham
Date: 9th-early 10th century AD

Farming occupied most Anglo-Saxons. They had to harvest enough for their own family to live on through the winter, as well as helping the local lord in his fields for a certain number of days a year. Their farming tools were essential to them. These particular tools were so important to one Anglo-Saxon that he buried them to keep them safe.

Can you see the three long blades for a scythe, to harvest crops with? There are also tools to work wood, including axes and a spike. The picture undereneath shows some Anglo-Saxons using tools.