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Death in
Anglo-Saxon England

Disc brooch

Diameter: 4.950 cm

M&ME 1879,5-24,34

Disc brooch

From: Grave 8, Wingham, Kent, England
Date: late 6th or early 7th century AD

Pagans worshipped gods based on nature and the weather, such as Woden who ruled the sky and sun. Pagans believed in a life after death where you had the same importance as you had when you were alive. They also believed that you could use any objects buried with you.

Whoever owned this brooch, they must have been wealthy and important. Can you pick out the red garnets, gold and blue glass on the decoration? We know they were a pagan because the brooch was buried with their body, along with other beautiful jewellery and objects, for them to use in the afterlife.