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Warfare in Ancient Greece

Preparing to shoot

Diameter: 19.400 cm

GR 1837.6-9.59 (Vase E 135)

Preparing to shoot

From: Athens, Greece
Date: about 520-500 BC

This archer is drawing an arrow from his quiver, in order to place it in his bow and shoot. The painter was very skilled and has made the figure fit the round shape of the plate beautifully.

He has carefully drawn every detail of the archer's costume and equipment. The archer is dressed like a Persian. Archers were most common in non-Greek armies so even Greek archers often wore non-Greek costumes as here. He is running on bare feet and wears a patterned long-sleeved top and long patterned trousers. His cap has long flaps which come down to protect his ears and neck.