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Tools and technology in Ancient Greece

Sporting prize

Height: 31.000 cm (dinos)
Height: 31.000 cm (dinos)
Weight: 7.200 g

GR 1816.6-10.115;GR 1960.11-1.48

Sporting prize

From: near Piraeus, Greece
Date: 5th-4th century BC

If you look closely you can see a tiny gold sprig of leaves on the top of this large bronze bowl. These two very different metal objects were found together in a large container inside a burial mound. They prove that Greek metalworkers had the skills to produce beautiful objects even though they had quite simple tools.

The large bowl was hammered out of a single sheet of bronze, then the rim was added. The tiny sprig of myrtle leaves and flowers is made of gold sheet and wire.

On the rim of the bowl it says: 'I am one of the prizes of Argive Hera', meaning it was given as a prize in the sporting competitions held in honour of the goddess Hera at Argos.