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Leaders and rulers in Ancient Greece

The adventures of Theseus

Height: 12.750 cm
Diameter: 33.000 cm

GR 1850.3-2.3 (Vases E 84)

The adventures of Theseus

From: Athens, Greece
Date: about 440-430 BC

King Theseus was a hero and legendary king of Athens. The Athenians were very proud of him as he was brave as well as clever.

Probably the most famous story about Theseus is the story of the Minotaur. The Minotaur was a terrifying monster – part bull, part man, who hid in the middle of a maze on the island of Crete. Theseus managed to find his way in, kill the monster, then get out again safely by following a ball of string that he had unwound on the way in.

This cup shows the adventures of Theseus. In the centre, he is dragging the Minotaur’s body from the maze.