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Leaders and rulers in Ancient Greece

Silver coin of Lysimachus

Mint of Lampsakos (modern Lâpseki, Turkey)

Width: 3 cm
Weight: 17.250 g


CM 1919-8-20-1

Silver coin of Lysimachus

From: the mint of Lampsakos
Date: 305-281 BC

When Alexander the Great died his generals divided up his vast empire between them and began to argue about who should rule which part. Each of them tried to make themselves look like his lawful heir.

One way of doing this was to bring out coins with his picture and their name on them. This silver coin was issued by a general called Lysimachus who took for himself the kingdom of Thrace in northern Greece. On one side is a picture of Alexander. On the other it says 'of King Lysimachus' in Greek.