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Leaders and rulers in Ancient Greece

Alexander the Great

Height: 37.000 cm

GR 1872.5-15.1 (Sculpture 1857)

Alexander the Great

From: Alexandria, Egypt
Date: 2nd-1st century BC

This sculpture of Alexander the Great was made about 200 years after he had died. By then, he was not just remembered as a great ruler, he was worshipped as a god, and this statue shows him looking like a god.

Alexander became king of Macedonia in 336 BC. He immediately set about conquering neighbouring lands. By the time he died in 323 BC, aged 31, he ruled most of the then known world from Greece to in the borders of India.

Alexander was the first Greek ruler to be shown with no beard. He also started the habit of wearing a band of cloth tied round the hair, called a diadem, to show kingship.