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Dress and ornament in Ancient Greece

An archer

Diameter: 19.300 cm

GR 1867.5-8.941 (Vases B 591)

An archer

From: made in Athens, Greece
Date: about 520-500 BC

This archer is blowing on a thin trumpet. He is wearing a costume that comes from Scythia, the land to the north-east of Greece.

The Scythians were famous archers and a group of Scythian slaves acted as a kind of police force in Athens. Even Greek archers, like this one, dressed like Scythians, in pointed caps with flaps, patterned trousers and long-sleeved tops. The Scythians were skilled horsemen, so trousers were a good form of clothes for riding. The archer's bow-case and quiver, where he kept his arrows, is hanging from his waist.