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Daily life in
Ancient Greece

A party

Diameter: 32.000 cm
Height: 5.000 in

GR 1848.6-19.7 (Vases E 68)

A party

From: Vulia, Greece
Date: about 490-480 BC

The ancient Greeks used to paint pictures of parties on the cups that would be used at them.

The drinking party, or 'symposium', painted on this Greek cup helps us find out what these parties were like. We can see what clothes people used to wear, the way they did their hair, the furniture they sat on and how they used objects like wine cups and jugs.

Notice that the older men are lying down on couches while the young slaves serve them. You can see the cushions that make the couches more comfortable and the low tables in fornt of them.

The wine cups and jugs hanging on the wall behind show us that the party is taking place indoors. The couch on the right shows us that the furniture is arranged round the outside of the room and we can even see that the low table on the right only has three legs!