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Warfare in
Ancient Egypt

Ptolemy I

Height: 64.000 cm
Width: 66.000 cm

EA 1641

Ptolemy I

From: Egypt
Date: 305-283 BC

In 332 BC Alexander the Great conquered Egypt. One of his most trusted generals was called Ptolemy (pronounced ‘tolemy’). When Alexander died, Ptolemy became Satrap (governer) of Egypt, which flourished under his care.

During the next few years a number of different rulers fought over the remains of Alexander’s vast empire. After several battles and treaties, Ptolemy cleverly managed to become recognised as king of Egypt, in the end calling himself ‘pharaoh’. He spent the rest of his forty year reign fighting to keep this position.

Ptolemy founded the Ptolemaic Dynasty which lasted nearly 300 years. The last Ptolomaic ruler was the famous Cleopatra VII, who was defeated by the Romans in 30 BC.