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Leaders and rulers in
Ancient Egypt

King's coffin

Height: 118.500 cm (max.)
Length: 313.500 cm (max.)
Width: 162.000 cm (max.)

EA 10

King's coffin

From: Alexandria, Egypt
Date: 30th Dynasty, around 343 BC

Nectanebo II was the last king of Egypt to be born in the country. Egypt was fighting against the powerful Persian Empire at the time, and when the Persians managed to take control of the country, Nectanebo ran away so that he wasn't killed. This stone coffin, or sarcophagus, was probably prepared for Nectanebo before he ran off and so was never used.

However, it did not go to waste as somebody found a use for it later. Can you see drainage holes drilled around the bottom? At some point the sarcophagus was used as a water container or bath.