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Leaders and rulers in
Ancient Egypt

King Akhenaten

Height: 27.000 cm
Width: 15.700 cm
Thickness: 4.100 cm

EA 24431;EA 63778 (fragment in top right hand corner)

King Akhenaten

Probably from: Amarna, Egypt
Date: 18th Dynasty, around 1340 BC

A stela is a bit like a stone poster. The picture on this stela shows King Akhenaten slumped in a chair, with the sun's rays beating down on him. King Akhenaten believed that the sun god, the Aten, was the most important of all the gods. Only the royal family was allowed to make offerings to the Aten.

Can you see that each ray ends in a small hand? This was to show that the sun handed its power down to the king.