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Leaders and rulers in
Ancient Egypt

Bust of Ramesses the Great

Height: 142.000 cm

EA 67

Bust of Ramesses II (‘The Great’)

From Aswan, Elephantine Island, Egypt
Date: 19th Dynasty, around 1250 BC

Ramesses ‘The Great’ ruled Egypt for an amazing 66 years, from 1279 to 1213 BC. This statue of him shows many signs of kingship.

Firstly, he is wearing two crowns – showing that he is king of both upper and lower Egypt. Secondly, he carries a hooked crook and a flail (whip), both of which show his power over his people. Thirdly, he has a cobra snake (called a uraeus) on his forehead, which is ready to attack anyone who defies him. He also wears a false beard of a type only worn by the king. It is attached by straps to his crown.