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Gods and spirits in
Ancient Egypt

Page from a Book of the Dead

Length: 93.000 cm (frame)
Width: 53.500 cm (frame)

EA 10554/87

Page from a Book of the Dead

From: The burial of Nesitanebtashru at Thebes, Egypt
Date: 21st Dynasty, around 1025 BC

The Book of the Dead contained spells and instructions to help people travel safely on their journey through the Afterlife. This drawing is from a Book of the Dead belonging to a priestess. It illustrates a story about how the world was made.

Atum created two children, Tefnut and Shu, by sneezing and spitting. They in turn gave birth to Nut (heaven) and Geb (earth). This picture shows Nut stretched over Geb, who is lying beneath her. Nut's toes are at the eastern horizon and her fingertips at the western horizon. The person holding her up with both hands is her father Shu.