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Dress and ornament in
Ancient Egypt

Collar of beads

Length: 50.800 cm

EA 59334

Collar of beads

From: Amarna, Egypt
Date: Mid-18th Dynasty, around 1345 BC

Everyone in ancient Egypt loved to wear jewellery and most people could afford at least a string of faience beads. Faience was a very useful material, made by heating crushed quartz (rock crystal) with a kind of salt. Because faience was easy to make, jewellery could be mass-produced and sold cheaply.

The design of this bright bead collar is based on flowers and fruit: can you make out yellow mandrake fruits, green palm leaves, and white lotus petals with purple tips? The collar would have been fastened by cords tied round the back of the neck. The picture underneath shows faience collars being made.