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Dress and ornament in
Ancient Egypt

Child's sandals

Length: 14.000 cm
Width: 5.500 cm (each)
Length: 14.000 cm

EA 26780;EA 41578

Child's sandals

From: Thebes, Egypt
Date: New Kingdom, 1550-1069 BC

Ancient Egypt was very hot and most children wore no clothes at all. However, both rich and poor people wore sandals like these to protect their feet. Most were woven from papyrus, made from reeds, which was cheap and easy to find. This pair are made from leather neatly stitched with papyrus thread.

The straps have been made in the shape of an ankh hieroglyph, which means 'life'. Have a look at the picture to the left to see an ankh and see if you can work out how the sandals fit the ankh shape.