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Daily life in
Ancient Egypt

Loaf of bread

Height: 15.500 cm
Width: 17.500 cm (max.)

EA 40942

Loaf of bread

From: Deir el-Bahari, Thebes
Date: around 1500 BC

Bread was a main food of ancient Egypt. Dozens of different shapes and names are known for loaves of bread, which shows how important it was. This loaf is flat and triangular, but some loaves were round, others tall and cone-shaped.

Much Egyptian bread was made from wheat. Growing grain was one of the main farming activities in Egypt, and is shown in pictures on tomb walls. This loaf was perhaps placed in a tomb to feed the dead person on their journey through the Underworld. In the model granary in the picture below, you can see a woman kneading bread in the courtyard.