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Birds and beasts in
Ancient Egypt

Hunting in the marshes

Height: 83.000 cm
Width: 98.000 cm
Thickness: 22.000 cm

EA 37977

Hunting in the marshes

From: The tomb of Nebamun, Thebes, Egypt
Date: 18th Dynasty, around 1350 BC

Nebamun, Hatshepsut (his wife), their daughter and pet cat are hunting birds on a small boat in the Nile marshes. The Egyptians trained cats to help them hunt. Here Nebamun is about to throw his stick at a flock of birds, then the cat will bring back to him any that he brings down.

In the picture you can see some of the huge variety of wild animals, fish and birds that lived in the Nile delta. Many of these creatures were hunted by the ancient Egyptians for food and for sport.

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