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Picture of New York

Image: © Lee Lozowick

Height: 292.000 mm
Width: 229.000 mm

PD 1993-7-25-58

Picture of New York

From: United States of America
Date: around AD 1925

Many cities in the USA grew very quickly during the 20th century due to a huge increase in factories making things. New kinds of transport took people from the skyscrapers of city centres out to the places where they lived.

Some artists found these growing cities very exciting and wanted to capture their excitement in works of art. Louis Lozowick made this picture of how he felt about New York (rather than it being a copy of how New York actually looked). The New York skyline is shown at night. The tall blocks of skyscrapers rise upwards, the Brooklyn Bridge near the bottom left connects to the city on a curving loop, while trains on the right rush in and out of the city.