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Leaders and rulers in the Americas

Wool shirt of Louis O'Soup

Height: 87.000 cm
Width: 50.000 cm (at shoulders)

AOA 1887.12-8.20.c

Wool shirt of Louis O'Soup

From: the Canadian Plains (Blood)
Date: 19th century AD

Louis O'Soup was a Native leader who spent his life trying to persuade the Canadian government to care for his people in return for giving up most of their land. He wore this shirt when he went to meet the Governor General of Canada in 1881. There he told the Governor General all his concerns, but the person translating did not translate his complaints, so the Governor did not get to hear them.

After O'Soup had spoken the Governor gave him a watch, and in return O'Soup gave the Governor this shirt, which the Governor later sold to the British Museum.