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Leaders and rulers in the Americas

Campaign badge

Diameter: 28.000 mm

CM 1906-11-3-3761

Campaign badge

United States of America
Date: AD 1868

When the United States of America became a new country in 1776, the people decided that their leader would be known as the President. Every four years, the people of the USA have a list of people they can vote for, and the person with the most votes becomes President.

In 1868, Horatio Seymour wanted to be President, with Frank P. Blair as his Vice-President or second-in-command. It is important for voters to see what their candidate looks like, so Horatio Seymour had these badges made with photographs of Frank P. Blair and himself on them.

Horatio Seymour was beaten by Ulysses S. Grant and never became President.