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Daily life in
the Americas

Painting of fishing

Height: 352.000 mm
Width: 235.000 mm

PD 1906-5-9-1(6)

Painting of fishing

From: North America
Date: about AD 1585-93

John White was an English artist who painted pictures of the way that people lived in North America. Before photography was invented, this was the only way to show people what life in other countries was like. Sometimes though these pictures were not quite right.

This painting shows three different ways that native North Americans caught fish. They would not have done all three at once like this. Fishermen in the background are using spears. On the left, fish are trapped in a cage called a fish-weir. Finally the men in the canoe are using nets. At night, fish would be attracted by the light of the fire, making them easier to catch.