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Leaders and rulers
in Africa

The story of Solomon and Sheba

Height: 112.00 cm
Width: 84.00 cm

1991 Af8.25

The story of King Solomon and Queen Sheba

From: Ethiopia
Date: AD 1971

This popular story is at least seven hundred years old. The painting tells the story in 24 small pictures. Click on the image to see the details.

A water snake is terrorising the people of Ethiopia. A man called Angabo manages to kill the serpent by feeding her a poisoned goat. As a reward he is made king and when he dies his daughter Sheba becomes queen.

During a visit to King Solomon of Israel, Queen Sheba becomes pregnant with his son. The son is born back in Ethiopia but when he is old enough he visits his father in Israel who teaches him how to rule as a Christian king. He returns to Ethiopia and begins a long line of Christian rulers.