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Outer coffin

  • Outer coffin (detail)Close-up of coffin

    Outer coffin (detail)Close-up of coffin

  • Outer coffin (interior)Inside the coffin

    Outer coffin (interior)Inside the coffin


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Who was Nesperennub?

Nesperennub lived nearly three thousand years ago in Thebes. Thebes was one of the greatest cities in ancient Egypt and was full of temples and grand palaces. Nesperennub himself worked as a priest in the greatest of these temples, Karnak. He was also a fan-bearer to the King, so was an important man.

Nesperennub's wooden coffin has his face painted on the outside. He wears a wig, and his headband and collar are made of lotus petals. The hieroglyphs down the centre are a prayer asking for 'life, prosperity and health' for Nesperennub. Inside the coffin a goddess holds her arms open to protect his body.