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Chest showing pectoral and amulets

  • Heart scarab amulet

    Heart scarab amulet

  • Faience wedjat eye (EA 26300)

    Faience wedjat eye (EA 26300)

  • Hands wearing rings

    Hands wearing rings


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Jewellery and amulets

Nesperennub wears a large ornament on his chest (known as a pectoral) in the shape of two outstretched wings. Close to his right collar bone is a stone scarab beetle called a 'heart scarab'. A group of amulets has been placed on his throat, including a wedjat eye. These and other amulets on his body are meant to protect him and give him power in the afterlife.

He has two leather pendants around his neck, and red leather tabs on his chest and neck. He also wears rings on the fingers of each hand, probably of gold. These may carry special markings to help him in the afterlife.